Get $300 if you're the first 50 to apply for a relevant credit card with SingSaver this 11.11.

If you're intending to get any of the following credit cards soon, you might as well wait until 11 November to apply.
Reason being, SingSaver's 11.11 Mega Rewards Campaign will be live then, and the promotions offered are too good to ignore.

Be among the first 50 credit card applicants, 50 travel insurance buyers and 11 personal loan applicants to qualify. 
If you're fast enough, the first 50 approved applications then for 3 particular credit cards will get $300. This is for both new and existing customers, so if you're the latter, this is your chance to grab.

New-to-bank customers get at least $100 - $280 too, guaranteed. You're considered a new customer as long as you don't currently hold a card from the issuer or in the past 12 months. 

And if you're travelling overseas anytime soon, you can get $30 from being the first 50 successful applicants for any travel insurance from MSIG, AXA or Allied World.

Simply apply through their 11.11 campaign page here to get your hands on the cash. 

Make sure you complete and have your application approved by the respective providers by 30 November 2019 latest, and complete the Rewards Redemption Form on SingSaver to get your cash prize.

You will only receive one promo prize, regardless of how many applications you make. SingSaver's partners, vendors and employees (and past employees) are also not eligible for this promotion. For all other T&Cs, please refer to the campaign website.

The promotion runs on 11 November from midnight to 23:59 hours.

By now, regular readers should be familiar with how I almost always apply for any new credit card directly through SingSaver, because if you're savvy enough and apply at the right time with them, their promotions is among the best for any new sign-ups.

This is one of those times. So go ahead and start camping here.

May the fastest fingers win. 

With love,

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.