Hello world! So, lately I've been hearing and reading tons of reviews on one of the latest skincare products in the market now which has been getting lots of raves (if you do a quick Google search you'll find TONS of blogger sponsored advertorial reviews), so I thought I'd do my own.

Disclaimer: All statements here are of my personal opinion and should not be taken as fact. I do not represent Namu Life, Snail White or any of their distributors. The results I experienced on Snail White may differ from individual to individual and in no way will I be held responsible for any decisions made regarding the product purchase after reading my review.

Here's a before/after review I found online. Not sure if it's real, or photoshopped, 
because I saw nothing like this when I tried it on myself.

Now, I'm always skeptical of reviews which are sponsored, having come from an advertising background myself. Even when advertisers approach me to do sponsorships, I'll always think twice whether (i) my content will be moderated (ii) if my review is bad, what are the consequences? After all, although I blog, I'm a reader of other blogs as well. Most of the time, I find that I trust reviews which are not sponsored (there's less pressure and therefore more honesty) or sponsored reviews only by bloggers whom I trust and have been following for a while.

This is NOT a sponsored post, as I bought the Snail White Cream myself to try after hearing and reading so much about it (completely authentic, you can Google for tips on how to differentiate between real and fake ones on the market since there are many imitation goods coming up).

Review: Snail White Cream by Namu Life

This facial cream is only a few months old, but has been getting lots of attention ever since it first launched a few months back in Thailand. My boyfriend was up in Bangkok earlier this year and told me that it was literally everywhere - it seemed like almost everyone was using it! So I bought the facial cream and body booster to try out for myself.

Here's my Snail White cream.

For the facial cream, it is known as the snail secretion filtrate moisture facial cream. The product claims to be an "innovative anti-ageing cream" which can "transform the skin into a more youthful look", with effects of "improving firmness, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, hydrating, and making the skin brighter".

The so-called 5 Rs of the cream:

  • Regenerate
  • Recovery
  • Repairing 
  • Restore
  • Renew

Woah! Sounds like a lot of promise in one jar of cream!

 The ingredients sound really good too. I've amassed over a decade of knowledge on skincare products and can roughly tell you what almost any ingredient can do for you, and even I was taken in by their advertisements.

But when I tried it, it was a whole new different story. Here's my TLDR / summarized breakdown:

Effects claimed by other bloggers who reviewed the product:

  • Made their skin brighter / fairer / healthier / firmer
  • Improved complexion
  • Faded away their acne scars / stretch marks / dark spots / freckles
  • Control / reduce acne inflammation
  • Moisturizing

My results:
  • Brighter? Fairer? Firmer? No, no, no.
  • Improved complexion? No. In fact, the product clogged my pores and caused breakouts.
  • Faded away scars? No. It did nothing for me.
  • Control acne inflammation? I had none (my skin was good) until I used this, and it caused tons of breakouts. They're gone now, but the leftover scars are VERY unsightly and scarred my otherwise (mostly) clear skin
  • Moisturizing? Yes, but combined with my oily and sensitive skin, this made my skin overly oily for my liking.


  • Nice smell
  • Interesting texture (not quite creamy, not quite a gel either)
  • Bottle dispenser is innovative and hygienic, I like!
  • Expensive ($55 for a jar)
  • Didn't see any effects after using for 2 months

The same went for their Skin Booster. I absolutely love the smell of their snail products (it is safely the best-smelling products in my opinion!), but unfortunately the lacklustre results and price tag do not justify me continuing to purchase and use it.

My verdict? Save your money instead.


  1. thank you for the honest review, i was looking for one that wasn't sponsored. tbh, it did sound like it was too good to be true, which is why i was so hesitant to buy it.

    1. No problem! Yeah, unfortunately all the reviews I read were mostly sponsored and I had to try out for myself in order to verify it. I don't doubt that it may have worked for some of the bloggers who did advertorials for it but anything sponsored always raises my inner skeptic. Hope it helped you in deciding whether or not to buy!